Effectively complying with the forthcoming mandates in a new trading environment

Building on the solid foundation of the Hong Kong and Singapore workshop, AsiaRisk is proud to present the OTC Derivatives Clearing Reporting and Collateral Management workshop in association with the long-running Risk & Return Australia conference.

Risk Australia workshop
12-13 August 2014
The Hilton Sydney

REGISTER NOW and learn from financial experts and practitioners covering risk, treasury, compliance and operation functions.

Equip yourself with the practical know-how needed to stay ahead of the forthcoming regulatory mandates, implement effective trade reporting practices and tackle collateral management challenges.



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Learning highlights

  • How the global regulatory directions will shape trading and clearing OTC derivatives in Australia
  • Resolve the issue of extraterritoriality
  • Enhance infrastructure, system and business process to efficiency respond to the new transaction reporting provisions
  • Assess and source eligible collateral, manage inventory, and document collateral obligation
  • Manage collateral and margin requirements for cleared and non-cleared derivatives
  • Strategies to maximise capital efficiency, reduce balance sheet complexity and promote liquidity mobility
  • Build a holistic view of counterparty exposure and collateral management across business silos
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