Risk Australia, 18 August 2016, Sydney

Asia Risk is delighted to present our 11th annual Risk Australia conference, the leading incubator for risk practitioners and investment professionals to share best practices in financial risk management in the region.

The premier platform for finance professionals


Join leading experts from banks, asset managers, pension funds, insurers and regulators to discuss the latest regulatory development, investment strategies to mitigate market volatility and innovative solutions in managing across different risk types.

Outlook for Australian market


Each year Risk Australia conference provides platform for leading risk professionals to discuss mitigating investment risks in a volatile market, enhancing risk management strategies across credit, market, liquidity, and regulatory risks.

What delegates said about the conference

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"Very good conference that was very well attended."
Sales Manager, SwapClear Client Clearing, LCH.Clearnet

In-depth analysis on regulation, risk management and derivatives market - Risk Australia 2015 highlights:

  • Regulatory address on prudential framework and OTC derivatives market reforms
  • Conduct risk: developing and maintaining and effective risk appetite framework
  • Derivatives valuation and collateral portfolio optimisation
  • Strategies to unlock high quality liquid assets to meet funding needs
  • Investment portfolio management amidst the growing currency risks
  • Managing liquidity through a rising interest rate environment
  • Chief economists debate on the future of AUD and macroeconomic outlook

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