Virtual event sponsorship

Virtual event opportunities for Risk Australia 2020

Risk Australia Virtual and Brella

Whilst right now it may not be possible for your firm to participate in our in-person events, that doesn’t mean that you need to put your events marketing strategy on hold. can still offer you the opportunity to create leads, drive thought leadership and raise brand awareness through Risk Australia Virtual.

Just like an in-person conference, this virtual event is built around an editorially led agenda with industry leading live keynote speakers, panel sessions, live Q&A, polling and much more.

Why sponsor a virtual event

  • Be seen and stay front of mind with key industry decision makers

  • Meet and network – we will provide the platform for face to face connections with senior decision makers through our AI powered smart matchmaking tool

  • Be heard – distribute intelligence and content through your virtual booth

  • Expanded reach – It is easier for delegates to hop onto a computer than travel to an event. With this in mind we are seeing more delegates attend from single institutions and in some cases, the audience is made up of 75% of delegates who have not attended one of our in person event before – guaranteeing that you will meet new leads and contacts

Our Virtual Platform

We have partnered with one of the worlds leading virtual event platforms, Brella.
The platform will host:

AI powered matchmaking
Ability to book face to face video meetings
Sponsor booths with content, staff, chat and video meeting function
Live and interactive content
On demand content

AI Powered Matchmaking

Brella includes an AI powered matchmaking tool that uses a smart algorithm to search attendees and suggest delegates that you will want to meet and who will want to meet you based on a shared set of interests (see the How to Guide for more details on how this works)

  • On signing into Brella for the event, delegates will select their key interests and objectives for attending the event from a set list

  • Brella will then recommend the most useful connections for you to review and send meeting requests to

  • You are also able to filter and search the entire delegate database to search out the most relevant leads for your business

Your Virtual Booth

If you have a virtual sponsor booth at the event, this is another great way for you to demonstrate the expertise and capabilities of your company.

Several weeks before the event, you will be sent a form requesting content and information from you so we can set up your booth. Please note that we will set the booth up for you once you have sent us all of the needed content. This will include things like:

How to attract people to your virtual booth

As with matchmaking and as at a face to face event it is key that you think about ways to attract to people to your booth;

  • The ability to download and receive unique insight and intelligence through a whitepaper or presentation

  • A coffee voucher or other giveaway that they can claim next time they are out and can ideally be sent electronically

  • People available to answer questions via the live chat at all times (or at designated times if you would prefer) Virtual Booth in Brella
Brella content delivery

Content Delivery

  • Keynote presentations, panels etc for the event will be delivered via live stream and on demand.

  • Live stream content will have the ability for delegates to ask questions via text and interact with the speaker.

  • Polls and smaller interactive briefings will also be run.

  • Access to content will be through the agenda page within Brella.

Sponsorship booked
Stand requirement list sent to sponsor
Sponsor sends back needed collateral
We create your virtual stand
Sponsor reviews stand
Sponsor nominates team members who will be “on” the stand
Sponsor team sent log in details to Grip apx 1 week before the event
Briefing scheduled with all sponsors sales team 5 – 8 days before the event to ensure they understand the Grip platform and how it works
3 – 5 days before the event sponsors able to access Grip to begin researching delegates and sending meeting requests