15 August 2019 - Four Seasons Hotel Sydney





Welcome remarks


Keynote: US-China trade war escalation and Australian economic growth risk (IBOR or Risk and Low in Interest rate)

Guy Debelle, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia

Stream 1: Risk and Regulations Stage


Outcomes of the Royal Commission: What Has Changed?

  • What building blocks has been put in place to transform Australia's risk and compliance culture?
  • How the regulatory changes are shaping the financial landscape in Australia?
  • How to embed good conduct, compliance and risk management in the business at a strategic level?
  • What more can be done from the governance and compliance point of view?

Building trust post royal commission report and managing conduct risk vulnerabilities

  • Fundamental drivers of misconduct in the financial services
  • Diagnosing risk appetite to effectively manage conduct risk
  • Identifying conduct risk “hot-spots” and designing strategies to overcome them
  • APAC bank board risk committee
  • Striking a healthy balance between managing conduct risk, market agility and spending
  • What preemptive enterprise wide solutions are there?

Morning Tea


Risk management in the era of transition

  • Reviewing the latest FRTB consultations
  • Standardised Approach vs Internal Model Approach in the region and Australia
  • Practical Examples of Implementing different approaches of FRTB
  • Applications of FRTB in Regional vs International banks
  • Overcoming P&L Attribution Challenges and P&L Calculation
  • Addressing the Data Challenges of FRTB

Managing and calculating XVAs

  • Practical issues surrounding XVA
  • Impact of FRTB regulations on XVA
  • Impacts of Basel III/IV on XVA
  • How to optimize SA-CVA capital?
  • Migration from legacy system to tackle increased complexity

Stream 2: Global Markets Stage


Global market uncertainty: Top Australian investment challenges and opportunities in 2019

  • Trade tension and effects on investment confidence
  • Will market sustain gain with global uncertainty?
  • Australian supers going global and the opportunities to grasp
  • Reactions to 2018 swings and outlook on different asset classes

Collateral management in non-centrally cleared derivatives markets

  • Impact on the buy-side of increased frequency and rigidity of margin calls
  • Discovering shifts in the landscape around deposits versus repo in Australia
  • Collateral and liquidity optimisation under regulatory changes
  • Best practices in maximising capital efficiency and promoting cross-border/cross currency collateral mobility?

Morning Tea


Explore global regulatory reforms in centrally-cleared derivatives markets and the impact on Australian financial sector

  • Latest developments in reporting obligations, clearing and CCP operating under the European Market Infrastructure regulation (EMIR) framework
  • Accessing cross-border trading behaviour between Australia, the UK and EU after BREXIT and under the EMIR 2.0 framework
  • Challenges of transferring existing centrally-cleared derivatives portfolios from UK to EU CCPs
  • Best Practice for optimising trading portfolios and balance sheets for the none centrally-cleared derivatives market

Initial margin big bang - what's next?

  • How ready is the industry for the final phrase in of margin rules?
  • What are the requirements for the mandatory exchange of the initial margin?
  • How to calculate IM and what are the types
  • What are the best practices in efficiency and control in margin call, collateral posting, and administration?




Executive Keynote Address: Representative from ASIC

Stream 1: Risk and Regulations Stage


What is the relevance of global benchmark reform and the future of LIBOR in Australia

  • End of LIBOR and its affects in Australia
  • Fate of BBSW and the mixed approach
  • Advantages and disadvantages of new alternative risk-free rates
  • Benefits and challenges of risk free rate
  • Need for a term RFR in Australia

Credit Risk in Australia – Going cold turkey

  • Current state of debt ratio in Australia
  • Housing debt – a ticking bomb?
  • Shrinking borrowing capacity and how best to handle

Stream 2: Global Markets Stage


Cross-currency swaps and future of derivatives in Australia

  • Cross-currency market adapting to post- LIBOR environment
  • Offshore market funding uncertainty
  • Cross-currency swap and pivotal change in derivative hedging
  • New developments in cross-currency swap markets to support cash markets

Quantum computing strategies – State of Play

  • Current state of quantum computing and how will it change the finance world
  • Leveraging in-house data for better trade executions
  • Developing in-house quant research teams
  • Using quants to model volatility and liquidity


Afternoon tea


Craft Beer Industry roundtable – Future building blocks in the finance industry

Grab a cold one and take the day’s most interesting issues to engage with your peers in small, interactive roundtable discussions and continue the debate.

Roundtable A: Geo political risk

Roundtable B: Non-centrally cleared derivatives

Roundtable C: Conduct risk and Compliance

Roundtable D: Benchmark Reform  


Harvest Session: Each host will share the key takeaways following their roundtable discussion


Closing remarks


End of conference