15 August 2019 - Four Seasons Hotel Sydney





Welcome remarks


Keynote address: Risks to the Outlook

Guy Debelle, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia

Stream 1: Risk and Regulations Stage


Outcomes of the Royal Commission: What Has Changed?

  • What building blocks has been put in place to transform Australia's risk and compliance culture?
  • How the regulatory changes are shaping the financial landscape in Australia?
  • How to embed good conduct, compliance and risk management in the business at a strategic level?
  • What more can be done from the governance and compliance point of view?

Suzette Thurman, Group Executive, Risk and Compliance, FIRST STATE SUPER
Christine Traquair, Chief Risk Officer, Banking and Wealth, SUNCORP
Vasyl Nair, Chief Risk Officer, MINE SUPER

Silvana Wood, Counsel, ASHURST


Building trust post royal commission report and managing conduct risk vulnerabilities

  • Fundamental drivers of misconduct in the financial services
  • Diagnosing risk appetite to effectively manage conduct risk
  • Identifying conduct risk “hot-spots” and designing strategies to overcome them
  • APAC bank board risk committee
  • Striking a healthy balance between managing conduct risk, market agility and spending
  • What preemptive enterprise wide solutions are there?

Campbell Nicoll, Chief Risk Officer, REGIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK
Ruby Yadav, General Manager, Risk & Assurance, UNISUPER MANAGEMENT
Stephanie Lyons, Chief Risk Officer, EISS SUPER
Martha Fetner, Director – Senior Learning Partner, MOODY’S ANALYTICS

Ian Bolster,
Partner, ASHURST


Morning Tea


Executive Keynote Address: Emerging Threats and Harms

Commissioner John Price, Australian Securities and Investments Commission


What is the relevance of global benchmark reform and the future of LIBOR in Australia

  • End of LIBOR and its affects in Australia
  • Fate of BBSW and the mixed approach and need for a term RFR in Australia
  • Updates on the various alternate rates SOFR, SONIA, TONAR, SARON, and EONIA
  • Advantages and disadvantages of new alternative risk-free rates

Anke Raufuss,
Ravi Pandit, Executive Director, Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Products, Asia Pacific, CME GROUP

John Feeney,
Martialis Consulting


Governance, Risk Management and Compliance 

Stream 2: Global Markets Stage


Global market uncertainty: Top Australian investment challenges and opportunities in 2019

  • Trade tension and effects on investment confidence
  • Will market sustain gain with global uncertainty?
  • Australian supers going global and the opportunities to grasp
  • Reactions to 2018 swings and outlook on different asset classes

Stuart Eliot, Senior Portfolio Manager, PENDAL GROUP
Elliot Clarke, Director and Senior Economist, WESTPAC INSTITUTIONAL BANK
Brian Redican, Chief Economist, NSW TREASURY CORPORATION
Theo Vosnidis, Head of Investment Risk and Compliance, CBUS SUPER


Collateral management in non-centrally cleared derivatives markets

  • Impact on the buy-side of increased frequency and rigidity of margin calls
  • Discovering shifts in the landscape around deposits versus repo in Australia
  • Collateral and liquidity optimisation under regulatory changes
  • Best practices in maximising capital efficiency and promoting cross-border/cross currency collateral mobility?

Blake Evans-Pritchard, Deputy Bureau Chief, Asia, ASIA RISK


Morning Tea


Explore global regulatory reforms in centrally-cleared derivatives markets and the impact on Australian financial sector

  • Latest developments in reporting obligations, clearing and CCP operating under the European Market Infrastructure regulation (EMIR) framework
  • Accessing cross-border trading behaviour between Australia, the UK and EU after BREXIT and under the EMIR 2.0 framework
  • Challenges of transferring existing centrally-cleared derivatives portfolios from UK to EU CCPs
  • Best Practice for optimising trading portfolios and balance sheets for the none centrally-cleared derivatives market

Kate Birchall,
Head of Asia, LCH


Initial margin big bang – what’s next?

  • How ready is the industry for the final phase in of margin rules?
  • What are the requirements for the mandatory exchange of the initial margin?
  • How to calculate IM and what are types
  • What are the best practices in efficiency and control in margin call, collateral posting and administration?




Women in Leadership: Building a New Normal

  • Key strategies in driving change in culture
  • Recent regulatory and organisation initiatives around diversity
  • How businesses benefit from diversity in their top leadership positions
  • Inspirational personal journeys to becoming influential leaders in their industries
  • Strategies to overcome common workplace challenges

Bronwyn Tan, Head of Tax, BlackRock Investment Management
Gwenda Phillips, Chief Risk Office-Digital, ANZ
Niki Kesoglou, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, QBE
Elizabeth Sheedy, Professor, Macquarie University

Stream 1: Risk and Regulations Stage


Credit Risk in Australia

  • Where are the pressure points in Australia’s debt profile?
  • Implications of high household debt and outlook

Katrina Ell,
Assistant Director – Economist, MOODY’S ANALYTICS


The search for AML/KYC/CDD effectiveness and efficiency

  • Is there a pressing need for banks to improve their AML/KYC/ processes?
  • Are most entities using outdated measures to identify risky customers?
  • How can AI and cognitive technology be applied to increase effectiveness of AML/KYC/CDD?

FRTB and risk management

  • Reviewing the latest FRTB consultations
  • Standardised Approach vs Internal Model Approach in the region and Australia
  • Practical Examples of Implementing different approaches of FRTB
  • Applications of FRTB in Regional vs International banks
  • Overcoming P&L Attribution Challenges and P&L Calculation
  • Addressing the Data Challenges of FRTB

Ricky Williamson, Head of Markets Risk Analytics, ANZ 

Stream 2: Global Markets Stage


Making the transition - move from legacy to new IBORs and benchmarks

  • Inventory of existing to establish impact assessment. Where to look and what to look for.
  • Quantitative and qualitative impact. What to consider on liquidity, hedge effectiveness, securitisation, investment mandates, tax, accounting, etc.
  • Timeline for preparations assuming market will move ahead of Libor cessation in Dec 2021.
  • Transition optimisation timing. How to spot and create efficiencies during a well-managed transition.

Blake Evans-Pritchard, 
Deputy Bureau Chief, Asia, ASIA RISK


Managing and calculating XVAs

  • Practical issues surrounding XVA
  • Impact of FRTB regulations on XVA
  • Impacts of Basel III/IV on XVA
  • How to optimize SA-CVA capital?
  • Migration from legacy system to tackle increased complexity

Role of emerging technology on risk management

  • Reducing uncertainty in an age of digital transformation and technological disruption
  • How is your risk function organized? What is the best way to organize a group in the current ecosystem?
  • How can the risk management function collaborate with other teams such as quants, IT, trading, etc?


Afternoon tea


Craft Beer Industry roundtable – Future building blocks in the finance industry

Grab a cold one and take the day’s most interesting issues to engage with your peers in small, interactive roundtable discussions and continue the debate.

Roundtable A: Geo political risk

Roundtable B: Non-centrally cleared derivatives

Roundtable C: Conduct risk and Compliance

Roundtable D: Benchmark Reform  


Harvest Session: Each host will share the key takeaways following their roundtable discussion


Closing remarks


End of conference