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The end of the batch process: How streaming technology will change the world of Risk

In this webinar, we have discussed:

  • What a future risk function would look like when information is available in real-time? 
  • Why banks should strongly consider the type of technology they invest in the future? 
  • What does it take for an organisation to transition to this modern stream technology era? 

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Implications of royal commission recommendations

Why unifying risk and finance data is a critical step for Australian banks

In response to the Royal Commission findings and regulatory pressures arising from increasing stakeholder expectations, banks in Australia will need to rectify operational silos between finance and risk functions to drive performance and competitiveness.

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Shaping foundations for better financial services

Oracle discusses the latest topics in the financial services industry, read articles on:

  • Applying deep learning to detect financial crime
  • IFRS17 readiness
  • Banks and big data

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